If you have any feedback regarding the project, email app@motî.net. The general lack of tracking means that I only have a vague idea of who is actually using the app, which makes direct feedback even more important.

And if you like the app, don’t forget to comment or rate it on the App Store, a simple way to show your interest and share it with others.

The dictionaries have been produced collaboratively over the years by many people which means I am not able to answer content-related questions you might have.

Instead, I encourage you to get familiar with the Wiktionary project and its principles, and ask questions directly there. A good place for beginners is the Information desk.

Perhaps you’ll become a contributor one day and make changes or add new entries yourself. Have a look at How to edit a page for some basic information on how to get started.

Your contributions might eventually be included in a dictionary available on motî, helping other like-minded readers and language learners!